Lemon infused olive oil and DIY soap dispenser

It’s super easy to make flavorful infused oils at home!
I made a lemon one today, haven’t tasted it since it’s for a friend, and I already lost more oil than I anticipated during the process. I wanted to use Meyer lemons as I had for the holidays, but finding organic ones has proven difficult! They need to be organic too because you use the peel, and I don’t care how much you scrub, a lot of those chemicals ain’t coming off. It’s not a problem when you just want the juice but oh well. I used our zester and that worked very well–little risk of pith contaminating the batch that way (you can also just peel in strips but you’ve got to be careful).

Then, as a catch up, I made a hand soap dispenser using a glass jar, hot glue gun, and pump from a bottle of Method foaming hand soap. It’s full of the aforementioned DIY foaming soap. It’s very simple and kind of silly but I think it’s cute.


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