Date “Jar”

I’ve seen several “Date Night” jars around Pinterest. It’s a lovely–and very convenient–idea to avoid falling into the same ol’ routine or spending lots of moola on nights out. Whenever you have time, or ideally make time, to have a date with your sweetie, a date jar takes the pressure off deciding what to do so you can skip to the fun stuff. I looked at a lot of them while mining for unique date ideas, and I like this one the most because it has minimal frills and is done neatly.


I’ve been adding date ideas to a list for a couple weeks now and just got around to Joann’s today to buy tongue depressor sticks to put my jar together. I guess I had too many ideas though because after I wrote them all on sticks they didn’t fit in any jars I have. They fit perfectly in a glass, but then the tops didn’t stick out the top so it was difficult to pick a stick without dumping out the whole lot. Kind of negates the “easy to select at random” point of the whole thing. Then I found my wooden renaissance fair mug at the back of the cabinet and voilà! A perfect fit! I still need to color code them, but I’m torn on using stickers or dipping the tips in paint. I have neither so another trip to Joann’s (when they aren’t closing, whoops!) is in my near future.


I’ve divided date ideas into cost categories and as cost goes up, so does the amount of planning or time needed.

Dollar Values:
Free to $20 = green
$20 to $50= yellow
$50 to $100 = orange
Over $100 = red

These are written just as they are on the sticks. Anything in parentheses is written on the back of the stick because I thought more info would be useful. A few are season-specific so I may give those a special marking on the tips so we don’t draw a winter only date in summer and vice versa. But hey for now they’re unmarked.

Living Social / Groupon
S’mores, PJs, Cards
Go out for tea
IMAX & butterfly house
Star gazing (cocoa thermos & blankets)
Build a fort!
Cuddle pit- read to each other
Wii Sports
Bike ride & picnic
Make a “mix tape”
Make bagels, Klezmer music
Make ice cream
Write bucket lists
Candlelight Dinner
Cartoons, popcorn, root beer floats
Fondue Night
Movie marathon (series or theme, remember snacks)
Waterfront arcade
Rollerblading at Alki (weather permitting)
Breakfast for dinner
Living room dance party (move furniture)
Kubota Gardens
Visit a patch, orchard or field (pumpkin, apple or strawberry)
BBC’s Hitchhiker’s Guide **This is what we watched on our first “date”**
YouTube karaoke night
Make donuts
Living room camp out

Dinner + a movie out (Ballard)
Dinner + a movie out (out of Ballard)
Dress up and go to “high” tea
Roller skating & pizza
Arboretum kayaking
Ferry to Bainbridge, explore
Laser tag
Comedy club
Boat rental at Green Lake (seasonal)
Ride the dang duck
SAM and Taste
Home Spa Night (massages, candles, baths)
Great Wheel
Tubing (seasonal)
Snowshoeing (seasonal)
Jazz Alley
Rent a tandem bike (weather permitting)
Check out a local brewery
Agua Verde & kayak

Check out La Conner
Skagit Valley day trip (tour farms)
Restaurant Hop (app, entree, dessert @ 3 places)
See a play or ballet
Leavenworth day trip
Heart o the Hills (Off-season)
Dance classes (4-5 dates)
Hike or snowshoe, The Attic
Mt. Rainier camping (May or October)
Cooking class (check comm. colleges)
Seattle Symphony
Whale Watching
Staple & Fancy

Bed and Breakfast
Hot air balloon!
Horseback ride!
Amtrak to Portland (weekend)
Wolf Lodge 🙂

A lot of these are specific to me and my sweetie or local stuff, so apologies if the brief description doesn’t make sense. Cheers to quality time with your love!


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